Our Process - The Adventure

Step 1:

Let’s Chat!

Scroll down to setup a quick 30-minute phone call with us. I love, Love, LOVE meeting and chatting with my clients. It’s a great opportunity for me to get to know you and for you to get to know me. Let’s face it, we’ll be together all day long and you’ll want to make sure you’re hanging with someone who has a great vibe. During this meeting, I’ll tell you all about how we got started, how we’ll operate on the day of your wedding, and the film delivery process after your wedding.

Step 2:

Engagement Session

After you book with us, we’ll reach out to schedule your engagement session. Typically, we like to get these on our schedule 2-3 months after booking to get you comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll practice and learn some natural posing in this session so that we’re ready for the big day. AND! You’ll also get a 60 second cinematic film to share with your friends and family after this session. How Fun!

Step 3:

The BIG Day

Can you believe it!? This step takes place 2 months away from your wedding day! We’ll send out a questionnaire to grab all the details of your wedding. Once received, we’ll begin putting together a timeline and shot list for the day to best fit your needs. On the day of, we’ll arrive early to scout your venue and find the best filming locations around. After that, its show time. Lights, Camera, Action!